• How to Create the Best Research Paper Template

    Writing a high quality research paper is essential for your progress. The quality of your paper doesn’t only depend on the content and the information included. It also depends on the format and how your paper is arranged and set up. 

    Research papers are usually written according to MLA or APA templates. You should be informed of the type of template you need to follow before writing your paper. Knowing the main features of the right research paper template and guides to write a research paper will enable you to write a flawless academic paper that will grant you the best grades. 

    What are the factors that I should take into consideration?

    Here are the most important factors that differ from one paper template to another:

    The font: 

    In the MLA template the font should be easy to read like 12 pt. Times Roman. In an APA template, you can either use 12 pt. Times Roman or Courier. For figures you can use Arial. The right font should be followed throughout the whole document. This could be changed according to the requirement of your teacher or your professor. 

    Page number: 

    For the right term paper template you should insert page numbers at the right place. In the MLA format, the page number should be inserted at the upper right margin, ½ inches from the top. Your last name should be inserted first and then followed by the number. 

    In the APA format, the number should also be on the upper right margin. Two or three words of the title should appear five spaces to the left of the page number.

    Title page:

    Sometimes your teacher will not ask for a title page, especially in the MLA format. In this case, you should start your paper from the upper left corner with double spacing inserting your name, teacher’s name, course name or number and date. Underneath and in the center insert the title with the right capitalization and with no underlines. The topic will start immediately under the title. 

    In the APA format, the title page is always on the first page. On the line below the page number, a few words from the title (the running head) are typed flush left. Below the running head and in the center you should insert the paper title, your name and your school. 

    Writing your research paper according to the right paper template can be a little bit tricky. If this is the case, you can choose to get paper writing help from a reputable website. There are a lot of high quality and professional writers who have the right experience to help you with your paper writing.

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