• How To Write An Argumentative Essay

    Are you attempting to write an argumentative essay? This article will provide excellent essay writing tips tips that will teach you how to write an argumentative essay in a simple, convenient and exemplary way. Essay writing is a valuable skill for any student regardless of the level of study. You begin to encounter essays at the basic levels of education and this continues to even the most advanced levels. Hence, this skill will be valuable throughout out your academic journey.

    Argumentative essays are very popular among teachers and students. You will often be faced with these essays and you must tackle them perfectly. These essays are factual hence you need as much information as possible in order to achieve maximum success. It involves contrasting two arguments and their supporting evidences and proving beyond doubt that your side is more convincing.

    It is not very difficult. You simply have to pick a stand, present both sides of the argument and prove that your arguments are more viable. Wondering how to do it? Here’s how.

    Choose A Topic

    You have to select a good topic for this type of essay. It should be quite interesting and must present an exciting controversy that you will be solving in your essay. This is a vital step in essay writing and you must take it very seriously. Preferably choose a subject that you have interest in since it will be very easy to write. You can go through some of the argumentative essay examples and get excellent ideas for your own essay.


    Planning is very important when faced with such a task. It can take about 10 minutes to plan your work but it will save you the time that you would waste in the course of writing. It is very stressful to be blank after writing just a few paragraphs. The only solution is to plan. Think critically about the subject matter and create strong points and their supporting arguments. You have to note down the points that support and the ones that oppose your argument since they’ll be required in this essay.

    Arrange the work in columns and ensure that they make up a sensible flow of information. Do not start writing until you have adequate information.


    This becomes the easiest step if your preparation was adequate. Ensure that the introduction is superb since it is the bait that grabs your readers’ attention. The body should have your arguments, the opposing arguments and the counterarguments to refute the claims of the opposition. You should then wrap up your work with an excellent eye catching conclusion.

    These guidelines will assist you to create a superb argumentative essay. Follow these steps carefully and get amazing results.

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